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Japan Adventure Weddings

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Marriage is one of life's greatest adventures. Why not start it right by celebrating adventure and putting a distinctive stamp on your special day by putting together an adventure wedding? Some couples choose to have a formal ceremony, which we can provide, but others choose a separate adventure wedding with only a handful of special friends in order to better cherish the moment and express their individuality.

The Japanese wedding industry is shifting from a reliance on traditional ceremony to a people's ceremony. JEM, with its expertise in event management and adventure activities, can help you put together the perfect adventure wedding to fit your love.

JEM Adventure Weddings will design a ceremony and blessing to fit either the date of your wedding or the adventure theme you have chosen. We have a whole range of ideas, for every day of the year and for every adventure and theme... from baseball (say 'I do' on home plate) to scuba diving (underwater weddings have been done!). We can help you with a nature wedding (say 'I love you' on top of a mountain or next to a waterfall). Whatever theme you choose, JEM Adventure Weddings will make your wedding day memories last for a lifetime.

Whether you use our own adventure lodge in Norikura Kogen, special locations in Tokai and Kanto, or overseas locations in Canada, Hawaii, or New Zealand, be assured that we are committed to making your day an exceptional one that you and your guests will never forget.

The JEM Adventure Weddings team loves marriage and adventure. We believe that a wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and we want to celebrate it with you in a way that suits your personalities, your goals, your dreams, and your love for life. We will work hard to make your day perfect in every way---relaxed, fun, and truly meaningful.

JEM provides one-stop shopping for your wedding, from the development of the event concept or theme, to procuring the best possible venue. We can handle the myriad of logistics involved in the time leading up to the wedding, and conduct the ceremony. By handling all aspects of your wedding, JEM allows you to enjoy the day while still being involved in the key decisions along the way.

JEM brings a wealth of experience that enables us to offer creative solutions in helping your wedding be a dream come true. Drawing on a network of resources, venues, entertainers, and wedding specialists, JEM professionals will help transform your wedding into a rewarding and memorable experience for both you and your guests.

We would be pleased to tell you more about how an adventure wedding can be just the right start to your married life. We hope you call us soon.

Adventure Weddings are:
1. fun and relaxed
2. meaningful
3. inexpensive
4. unforgettable---a dream come true
5. great for photos
6. can replace, or be in addition to, a traditional ceremony (which JEM can also organize)

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